Birsa Munda International
Tribal Film Festival

Happening in March 2019

Stay tuned. 

Bhagwan Birsa Munda International Tribal Film Festival '19


March, 2019 | Ranchi, India


The Film Festival will showcase the films on tribal heroes primarily. Beside tribal heroes, the films based on the themes of tribal culture, art, religion, architecture, Philosophy, traditions, mythology, history, life-style, food, costumes, Jewelry, sports and various aspects associated with them will also be showcased in the festival. Alongside, there would be exhibitions on tribal paintings, photos, sculptures, instruments and programmes on tribal dance and music. Free workshops on writing, lyrics writing and composing film and TV music would be organized for the youth attending the festival. Television script writer, lyricist and film composer will conduct these workshops. These workshops aim at providing a guidance to the upcoming filmmakers should make films on tribal art and culture.  


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